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Pet Visits & Sitting Services

Crabtree Pet Care pet visits are the ideal option if you have a new puppy or are planning a day out and would like to keep your pet in its usual pet care routine. 

Our sitting service is a longer term option where one of our team will stay at your own home to take care of your pets making it a fantastic option if you are planning a weekend break or holiday.


Pet Visits - From £10.50

A 1/2 hour visit that is better suited to young puppies, elderly dogs, cats and small furries.


These visits can incorporate play, training, basic grooming or any other activities that your dog finds the most enjoyable.  Cat and small furry visits incorporate litter/bedding changes, feeding, cuddles and playtime.

Pet Sitting - From £25

An overnight sitting service in your own home where we will look after your pet in their home environment.  

The sitting service includes all aspects of your pet's usual care routine and we will also put your bins out for you and put your mail in a safe place ready for your return.

We can even cater for small holdings in our sitting service. 

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